Mercury expands secure C2I and AI processing solutions

Mercury Systems, Inc. of Andover, MA announced on June 12 the expansion of their secure command, control and intelligence (C2I) and artificial intelligence (AI) processing solutions with configurations that feature up to four times as much system memory as previous generations. Modern defense systems are using UAVs and other smart platforms to gather increasing amounts of ISR data. Processing can now be performed on-platform, at the tactical edge to form real-time battlespace situational awareness interfaces that are powered by evolved artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the company said.

Mercury’s rugged, pre-engineered processing building blocks are available as 3U and 6U OpenVPX and AdvancedTCA EnsembleSeries processing blades and rugged EnterpriseSeries rackmount ATX servers. These processing nodes feature the unrestricted performance of the latest Intel and NVIDIA processing devices to deliver powerful, embedded on-platform processing capability. For system-wide integrity and deployment in the harshest environments, each processing solution may include proven BuiltSECURE and modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) technologies.

“Our customers have an insatiable appetite for processing nodes with large core counts and massive shared memory required for C2I and AI processing applications which characteristically require about six times as much memory as a regular data center server and twice the storage,” said Joe Plunkett, senior director and general manager for Mercury’s Sensor Processing solutions group. “Mercury is uniquely able to embed the most powerful CPUs and GPGPUs and equip them with the vast memory resources they need. We build in a holistic security framework and package them into low-SWaP standard processing form-factors, to deliver processing solutions for deployment anywhere.”

Source: Mercury Systems