Meeting on airworthiness standard for unmanned aerial vehicles slated for Germany March 25-26

UAS from Turkey
UAS from Turkey

Representatives from the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector will gather in Mannheim, Germany on March 25-26 to review the third edition on Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4671, which is entitled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Airworthiness Requirements.

The STANAG 4671 Custodial Support Team is inviting industry representatives from NATO countries to the two-day session, which will be held at the Bundeswehr’s Federal Academy of Education and Training, to talk about airworthiness requirements for fixed wing unmanned aircraft which range from 150 kilograms to 20,000 kilograms, according to a Federal Register notice published on Feb. 21.

The development of the first and second editions of STANAG 4671 (and now the draft version of edition three) has unfolded over many years. The STANAG is intended to enhance NATO’s ability to accurately assess the level of safety of UAV systems; improve interoperability; facilitate access to airspace; reduce the time required to obtain military flight clearance; and provide clarity to UAS manufacturers on requirements related specifically to military UAS.

Interested parties can submit comments on the third edition until March 5, says the notice.

“The objective of the March meetings will be to conduct a technical dialogue on the STANAG 4671,” says the notice. “Industry Day discussion topics will be generated based on Industry’s feedback as well as specific topics identified by the Custodial Support Team.”

Further information about the Industry Day meeting in Mannheim, Germany is available from Sandra Greeley at 301-342-8635 or