MDA expands support of near real-time satellite data applications

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, announced on June 15 that it has signed a contract with Scanex, a leader in the field of satellite monitoring. MDA will provide a RADARSAT-2 ground station solution and extend the provision of RADARSAT-2 data for an additional three years, enabling Scanex to continue serving and distributing RADARSAT-2 data products and information services to institutional and commercial clients.

David Belton, MDA’s vice president responsible for the geospatial business said, “The success of MDA’s long-term partnership has resulted in continued growth for Scanex in developing application expertise using RADARSAT-2 data for supporting many agencies needing accurate and timely land and maritime information.” Further adding, “Scanex is significantly expanding the value it is providing to its extensive group of users by adding the near real-time capabilities brought by the RADARSAT-2 ground station.”

MDA has supplied Scanex with RADARSAT data products and information since 2004, supporting a network of ground stations that provide for near real-time data processing and image product delivery. The ground stations provide satellite monitoring support for a variety of value added applications such as ocean surveillance, natural resource monitoring, ice monitoring, mapping, and emergency response.

“Radar imagery is an essential and powerful data source for any maritime applications such as safety and security, situational awareness, oil spill or ship detection. RADARSAT-2 is indispensable for ice mapping and monitoring and we use it extensively to provide vital information to our end users including captains of ice breakers and other vessels. Our mission is to provide timely and convenient access to critical high-quality information and we rely on our trusted long-term partners, such as MDA, to support the mission,” said Scanex General Director Valery Barinberg.

Source: MDA