MCR Federal wins SMC C2 contract

As part of a contract awarded on 1 May 2020, MCR has been working alongside the United States Space Force (USSF) and its Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) to provide advanced technical expertise to develop lightweight software prototypes and services that enable Space Force’s Government-led software factory to deliver software capabilities to space warfighters at increased velocity, McLean, VA-based MCR announced February 25.

The contract is for a project called “Kobayashi Maru,” an effort that started in October 2018 by SMC’s Cross Mission Ground and Communications Enterprise (ECX), to replace decades-old space command and control software with modern apps.

“MCR is pleased to be entrusted by USSF and SMC to enable the rapid software-building techniques necessary to support the government’s commitment to agility and delivery of software-intensive programs to match the tempo of commercial software industry,” said Jesse Celis, MCR vice president of space operations.

With a flexible, user-center design, and innovative development approach, MCR supports the continuous delivery of applications space operators need to help assure USSF’s warfighting advantage in space.  ECX is focused on the rapid delivery of capabilities to the space operator and is leading the integration and modernization of ground and communications programs to respond to the proliferating threats of today and tomorrow.

“MCR is investing heavily in being a strategic partner to USSF and SMC,” added Bill Parker, MCR chief executive officer. “We are excited to be part of this very important effort to help our nation prepare for threats in U.S. space superiority.”

Source: MCR