Marine Corps seeks terrestrial ELINT system

On April 8, the U.S. Marine Corps issued a request for information (RFI) for a Terrestrial Based Automatic Electronic Intelligence System. Responses are due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern on April 19.

Program Executive Officer Land Systems Intelligence and Cyberspace Operations is issuing this RFI notice as a means of conducting market research to identify potential sources having an interest in, industry technologies available, and capability to support/fulfill a requirement for a mobile terrestrial system capable of automatically detecting Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) with Specific Emitter Identification and emitter tracking capabilities in support of program requirements. The intent for such system, if procured, is to be installed on select United States Marine Corps stationary fixed sites and tactical vehicle platforms.

The government requests interested parties review the attachment section of this RFI for additional information.

Review the Marine Corps ELINT RFI.

Source: SAM

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