Lucata wins IARPA contract

On December 6, Palo Alto, CA-based Lucata Corporation announced that it was awarded jointly with Georgia Tech (GT) and other firms a two-year contract from IARPA (The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity). IARPA invests high-payoff research programs to tackle some of the most difficult computing challenges of the Intelligence Community (IC) of the U.S. federal government.

The IARPA AGILE program is focused on creating innovative, energy-efficient, and reliable computer architectures that can address the Intelligence Community’s large-scale data-analytic applications, as well as other classes of data-intensive applications. AGILE’s goal is to enable analysis of massive data from diverse sources predictive methods, not just forensic analysis after the event has occurred.  The AGILE Project is looking to develop a “Scalable Locally-Centric Graph Analytics System”.

Lucata Corporation and its partners submitted a comprehensive project definition and plan that was accepted by IARPA. The project, publicly named FORZA (Flow-Optimized Reconfigurable Zones of Acceleration), was kicked off on Oct. 1, 2022.

Lucata has designed and implemented a computer system for real-time analysis of large data sets. Lucata’s proprietary migrating thread architecture enables computing in memory with unprecedented scalability altering the price-performance, per energy, per sq ft. Lucata’s system offers similar performance to existing systems at 1/4th the cost, 1/20th the energy utilization and 1/8th the sq. ft. This system is deliverable now. The contract will enable us to improve these metrics to 1/40th the cost and 160th the power with scalability beyond anything existing now or planned for 2025.

“We are extremely excited to be partnered with Georgia Tech on this project. GT and Lucata have been in partnership for several years and GT has one of the first Lucata Pathfinder systems installed in its CRNCH (Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies) Center,” said Michael Maulick, CEO of Lucata.

Source: Lucata

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