Lookingglass completes acquisition of CloudShield

lookingglass 112Lookingglass Cyber Solutions Inc. of Baltimore, MD, announced on March 2 that it has completed the acquisition of CloudShield LLC, the world’s most secure Deep Packet Processing (DPP) platform provider. The acquisition strengthens Lookingglass’ ability to deliver a dynamic defense solution to large and vital businesses and government agencies. Lookingglass empowers confident, real-time decisions by offering focused, verified, multi-source information through a unique lens that customers use to create active intelligence for effective decisions. This acquisition acknowledges the importance of combining threat intelligence with policy enforcement to directly address escalating threats, and it positions Lookingglass to deliver the most comprehensive, scalable and secure cyber network defense platform. The transaction closed on February 27, 2015.

“Integrating threat intelligence into a customer’s environment and workflows is a critical evolution for threat intelligence providers,” stated Chris Coleman, Lookingglass Chief Executive Officer. “After an explosive year where we realized revenue growth exceeding 240%, the time was right to make this strategic move. Our acquisition of CloudShield will help us deliver critical solutions to the market.”

Coleman continued, “CloudShield will enable Lookingglass to operationalize threat intelligence while introducing more advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) into the network fabric to enhance the strategy for dynamic defense.” Lookingglass was advised by ARC Securities on the acquisition of CloudShield.

Founded in 2000, CloudShield provides a highly secure, network defense platform that offers customers faster and more intelligent ways to observe and manipulate network traffic to fight cyber assaults. Solutions based on DPP can monitor and interact with network communications – empowering customers to apply policy decisions to mitigate and control threats quickly. CloudShield technology is completely open and enables the delivery of new security applications and services in response to a newly identified threat.

Lookingglass’ threat intelligence management system delivers content, context and confidence in risk and security operations decision support. Their suite of Scout products increases visibility within and beyond the network perimeter, allowing customers to continuously assess and mitigate threats. Lookingglass products are data and feed agnostic, supporting commercial and open source threat intelligence feeds, while delivering proprietary threat and Internet intelligence.

Lookingglass will continue to enhance its products and support while integrating specific threat intelligence capabilities such as service enabled control through machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI). MRTI is a critical component of delivering real-time active threat defense.

CloudShield will operate as a division of Lookingglass and will be headquartered in Arlington, Va. The combined companies will exceed 130 employees with a national presence spanning from Arlington, VA, to Sunnyvale, CA and an advancing financial, international, government and intelligence customer presence.

Source: Lookingglass