Lone Star launches Cipher Alchemy

Lone Star Analysis of Dallas, TX announced on August 9 that it is introducing Cipher Alchemy (CA), an advanced research and development (R&D) unit designed to enable more powerful solutions by challenging the status quo in mainstream analytics and mainstream AI methods (MAIM).

“When we rolled out Cipher Alchemy, we said it was going to do things that everyone knows to be impossible,” said Eric Haney, chief technology officer, Lone Star Analysis. “Lone Star has a history of significant R&D investments, and we established this department to sustain that commitment and create a technological advantage in areas which matter to our customers.”

Cipher Alchemy’s roots date back to the start of the company. Since its founding, Lone Star has operated in the spirit of innovation, deep research, and tackling challenging problems. Cipher Alchemy executes this mission on a larger scale, allowing its members to pursue areas of interest with independence and intellectual curiosity.

Within data science, core approaches that have become orthodoxy in the mainstream aren’t questioned but taken as is by practitioners. Cipher Alchemy rejects this paradigm, instead seeking to use common approaches as starting points of which to innovate. Unconstrained by assumptions and data limitations, Cipher Alchemy proposes new, cutting-edge, and high-accuracy solutions to common problems, the company said.

Cipher Alchemy’s work focuses on several key industries in which Lone Star’s customers operate, such as the intelligence community, aerospace, and defense. The unit itself is made up of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, and physicists. The team’s varied expertise allows it to take technical concepts common to each field and apply them to others in novel ways.

The organization’s official launch coincides with the company’s renewed effort to focus on research, development, innovation, and intellectual property.

Source: Lone Star

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