Lockheed Martin’s INFIRNO sensor system undergoes field tests

Lockheed logo 112Lockheed Martin recently completed a successful INFIRNO test, demonstrating the system’s performance and reliability, the Bethesda, MD-based company announced September 15. INFIRNO is a high-definition 15-inch sensor system that provides precision targeting and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability across ground, air and maritime platforms.

The test demonstrated INFIRNO’s ability to identify and laser-designate items of interest at extended ranges for maximum weapon effectiveness. The system also captured high-definition infrared and color video in extreme temperatures under harsh environmental conditions.

“The demonstration confirmed INFIRNO’s ability to detect, recognize and identify targets with the pinpoint accuracy required by precision munitions,” said Paul Lemmo, vice president of Fire Control/SOF CLSS at Lockheed Martin. “Lockheed Martin has additional tests scheduled for later this year/early 2016.”

INFIRNO features multiple high-definition optical sensors in a highly stabilized 15-inch turret. Nine plug-and-play components allow the sensor to be reconfigured to meet rapid changes in evolving technology and mission requirements. This modular innovation allows operators to affordably maintain and upgrade the system, keeping critical mission capability readily available to the warfighter.

INFIRNO was developed through Lockheed Martin internal investment and combines proven sensor technology with lessons learned from designing and manufacturing more than 10,500 electro-optical infrared sensors, such as the U.S. Army’s Apache targeting and pilotage sensor (M-TADS/PNVS), the U.S. Air Force’s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod and the U.S. Marine Corps’ AH-1Z Target Sight System.

Source: Lockheed Martin