Lockheed Martin advances cybersecurity through intelligence-driven defense

Lockheed Martin Security Intelligence CenterLockheed Martin commemorated the 10th anniversary of the creation of its enterprise cyber defense organization, the Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team (LM-CIRT), by discussing the growing cyber threats facing corporate and government networks and looking forward to delivering another decade of cyber security services.

At a celebration in one of the company’s security intelligence centers, Sondra Barbour, executive vice president of information systems and global solutions (IS&GS); Denise Saiki, corporate chief information officer; and Jim Connelly, chief information security officer, commended the transformation of what started out as a four-person experimental network defense team into one of the most sophisticated and lauded cyber security organizations in the world.

“The inception of the LM-CIRT was a foundational element in Lockheed Martin’s overall computer network defense,” noted Connelly. “The team’s innovative Intelligence Driven Defense methodology and the Cyber Kill Chain framework have transformed the way we approach defending against advanced threats, and have become recognized standards within the global cybersecurity community.”