LifeRaft Introduces Alert Dedupe

On June 12, Canada-based LifeRaft, a leading Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform, announced a significant enhancement to its alerting system called “Alert Dedupe,” which alleviates customer alert fatigue.

As the online threat landscape grows, OSINT analysts are increasingly inundated with threat notifications, many of which are duplicates of previously received alerts. LifeRaft’s new Alert Dedupe feature aims to reduce this noise and improve the efficiency of threat analysis.

“Traditional OSINT monitoring products can create a high volume of alerts for users. This overload can lead to missed threats and decreased productivity as analysts spend valuable time sifting through redundant information. LifeRaft is committed to providing solutions that maintain a delicate balance between reducing noise and ensuring no threats are missed”, said Neil Spencer, vice president of product strategy at LifeRaft.

On average, LifeRaft can reduce duplicate alerts by approximately 25%, and this reduction can sometimes be as high as 60%, particularly for queries where content is frequently reshared. According to a recent report published by the IDC, these performance statistics become even more critical when factoring in known insight, such as that companies with 500-1,499 employees ignore or don’t investigate 27% of all alerts.

By eliminating duplicate alerts, LifeRaft enables users to concentrate on identifying and analyzing new threats, leading to improved threat intelligence and a higher return on investment.

LifeRaft’s Alert Dedupe feature is just one of many productivity enhancements being rolled out to customers in 2024, demonstrating the company’s commitment to improving customer efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

Source: LifeRaft

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