LGS Innovations announces partnership with Persistent Systems

LGS Innovations, LLC of Herndon, VA announced on December 13 a long-term partnership with Persistent Systems, LLC to incorporate Persistent’s Wave Relay MANET technology into LGS’s portfolio of C4ISR, intelligence, EW, and cyber solutions.

LGS delivers mission-critical communications products, research and development, and supporting services to create advanced solutions in wireless communications, signals processing and analysis, optical networking, photonics, cybersecurity, routing and switching, and spectrum management. Leveraging Persistent’s Wave Relay MANET enables LGS systems to deliver highly reliable peer-to-peer wireless network connectivity to the last tactical mile – whether it’s airborne, ground, or subterranean – taking both offensive and defensive capabilities to a new level.

Persistent and LGS have showcased their combined capabilities through numerous programs, projects, and U.S. government-focused events, such as U.S. Army CyberQuest and USSOCOM Trident Spectre.  By incorporating Persistent’s Wave Relay MANET with proven LGS technology solutions, electronic warfare operational cycles will see marked reductions along with increased performance and effectiveness.

“Reducing timeframes for tactical EW operations increases effectiveness and reduces US force exposure, which is a win-win in dynamic situations,” said Adrien Robenhymer, Persistent’s VP of Business Development.

This agreement cements Persistent’s line of Wave Relay-based products as the preferred solution for LGS’s Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) needs to connect Signals Intelligence; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR); cyberspace operations; and network assurance programs. 

“Coordinated and distributed operations that put LGS’s systems on the dynamic Wave Relay MANET demonstrate how multimodal systems (manned, unmanned) increase precision in hard-to-reach places more than ever before. Our partnership with LGS represents a continuation of our vision of MANET-enabled sensors and architectures into advanced network operations,” added Robenhymer.

“LGS partners with commercial industry best-in-class partners to bring advanced capabilities to its customers,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of LGS Innovations. “We deliver sensors with MPU5 systems to ensure that communications do not create a bottleneck that hinders capacity, and are excited to be working closely with Persistent to continue evolving the capabilities of our communications portfolio.”

Source: LGS