Labelbox hires Josh Beard to lead federal sales

On April 16, Labelbox of San Francisco, CA named Josh Beard as head of federal sales, responsible for supporting new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives across agencies in the federal government, military and intelligence community.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the vanguard of exciting new federal initiatives to make government more efficient and responsive and to better protect our citizens,” said Manu Sharma, CEO of Labelbox. “Josh brings two decades of experience in working with government decision-makers to help them be more successful with emerging technologies. He’s a terrific addition to our team and was instrumental in our success in securing a recent contract with the Air Force.”

Labelbox is a software platform that allows data science teams to manage the data used to train supervised-learning models. Supervised learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses labeled data to train algorithms to recognize patterns in images, audio, video or text. AI and ML projects under the federal government manage petabytes of data every day, a volume of data that can also be overwhelming.

For data science teams to work better with each other and with labelers across different government agencies, they need a platform and tools. Labelbox facilitates collaboration, rework, quality assurance, model evaluation, audit trails, and model-assisted labeling all in one platform. The platform is tailored for computer vision systems but can handle all forms of data. The platform also helps with billing and time management.

Beard comes to Labelbox from Markforged where he served as Federal Sales Leader. Previously he held various federal sales roles in enterprise software with IBM, VMware, Appdynamics and BMC Software. He holds a BA in Economics, Spanish and Political Science from Wabash College. He also studied Political Economy at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

“Some of the most exciting work in government today revolves around new developments and breakthroughs using AI and ML and Labelbox is uniquely positioned to help federal agencies be successful faster,” Beard said. ‘We’re honored to partner with the U.S. Air Force already and we look forward to bringing the benefits of our training data platform to other agencies as quickly as possible.”

Source: Labelbox