L3Harris secures MOSSAIC contract from US Space Force

On April 18, L3Harris Technologies of Melbourne, FL announced that it has received an award of option year five of the Maintenance Of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) program. The contract, worth up to $187 million from the U.S. Space Force, continues the modernization and sustainment of critical space infrastructure enabling the Space Force core competency of space domain awareness. In support of the U.S. military’s space surveillance and command centers in Colorado, California and Virginia, MOSSAIC detects, tracks and identifies deep space objects to provide timely and accurate space surveillance information for military, civil and commercial users.

L3Harris will perform modifications and upgrades to all systems under the option year five contract of the MOSSAIC program, including generating rich sensor metadata to help transition to a dynamic and responsive tasking approach required for tactical space domain awareness.

“The MOSSAIC program is critical as it provides domain awareness for warfighters,” said Ed Zoiss, president, space and airborne systems, L3Harris. “We’re proud to continue our work on this program and help the U.S. Space Force ensure safety, security and sustainability across the entire space domain.”

The MOSSAIC program has an estimated contract value of up to $1.2 billion over 10 years. This contract builds on a previous $23 million award that L3Harris won in February 2020 to maintain and upgrade radar and optical sensors and command and control systems that provide timely, accurate space domain awareness data for military, civil and commercial users. Subsequent option year awards have enabled L3Harris to perform maintenance and upgrades to space domain ground systems, supporting the execution of mission tasks associated with emerging threats.

Source: L3Harris

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