Kratos wins $30M in space-related national security contracts

San Diego, CA-based Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. announced April 21 that it had received more than $30 million to support space-related U.S. national security efforts. The follow-on awards are to previous contracts, implementing advanced technologies to provide better system performance.

“Kratos enables technological approaches and modernization that were not possible even a few years ago but can now support this program for many years to come with the inherent flexibility to upgrade and evolve at the speed of relevance,” commented Senior Vice President Frank Backes. “Kratos’ broad space portfolio is focused on technology-leading products and services that realize the DoD’s vision of data being an asset. These advanced capabilities are scalable, flexible and resilient; allowing real-time data to flow from multiple domains in support of national defense.”

Phil Carrai, president of Kratos’ Space, Training and Cybersecurity Division, said, “Space is undergoing a renaissance. Advancements in ground systems and satellite technologies are joining to form space networks that support multi-domain missions and broader data requirements. Kratos is leading the digital transformation on the ground side by introducing into space networks proven technologies from other network-centric industries. Not only does this enhance performance and affordability for the DoD, it opens doors for the defense industry to better integrate with and capitalize on commercial space enterprises as well.”

Source: Kratos