Kratos’ RT Logic and Spaceflight announce partnership for enhanced small satellite ground support

Kratos 112Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., a San Diego, CA-based national security solutions provider, announced on August 10 a partnership between its RT Logic subsidiary and Spaceflight Networks, Spaceflight Industries’ line of business providing cost-effective satellite communications and data services. The partnership will bring small satellite owners and operators the combined benefits of RT Logic’s small sat ground radio products and Spaceflight Networks’ global network of ground stations.

RT Logic is a leading developer and manufacturer of communications equipment for satellite ground segment operations. The company’s ground radios for small satellite users have been built from the ground up to meet the unique needs and business models of the burgeoning small satellite revolution. The radios meet both low rate command & control and high rate mission data downlink requirements, leveraging signal processing algorithms developed and proven over many years of successful test and on-orbit satellite operations. Utilizing Virtual Machine (VM) technology and industry-standard platforms, the new ground radios reduce complexity, cost, risk and schedule for small satellite builders and operators.

“These new ground radios present a more economical and flexible solution for small satellite missions. They are both modular and scalable, supporting single satellites up to large constellations,” said Matt Prechtel, RT Logic’s Business Area Director for small satellite systems. “RT Logic’s partnership with Spaceflight will help simplify and assure ground-to-space communication requirements for small satellite operators so they can focus more completely on mission and payload issues.”

Spaceflight Networks launched in July 2014 to address the need for cost-effective communications and operations for small satellites. Its network is unique in that it has standardized both the ground and spacecraft radios and communications protocols to simplify integration for its customers. By incorporating ground radios with published pricing for compatible radios and data plans, Spaceflight Networks provides a simple approach to communications for its customers.

“We are building an infrastructure to meet the communications needs of the burgeoning small-satellite sector,” said Jason Andrews, CEO of Spaceflight Industries. “RT Logic’s ground radios will further our mission to improve latency and data throughput compared to what is currently available, minimize operating costs and provide flexibility for small sat operators.”

Source: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions