Kratos grows global space domain awareness network

On June 22, San Diego, CA-based Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. announced an expansion of its Space Domain Awareness (SDA) network locations into India. Kratos’ SDA network monitors the behavior of space-based radio frequency (RF) signals to identify critical information about satellites in orbit, such as their position, maneuvering, health, proximity to other satellites and more. It is the world’s largest global RF sensor network providing commercially available SDA services in all segments: orbital, link and terrestrial.

Recent strategic installations within the Asia Pacific region including the new India-based facility have increased Kratos’ global satellite tracking coverage by over 30 percent. The sensor network can offer SDA services in real-time for the full 360-degree GEO belt. Growth in the network supports a variety of services for international defense, civilian government and commercial customers, including development efforts from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s NOAA Office of Space Commerce to provide basic space situational awareness safety information and services through the Traffic Coordination System for Space. Kratos was the recipient of one of five commercial data contracts NOAA awarded for GEO space object tracking data last year.

Kratos’ SDA network includes over twenty worldwide sites hosting more than 140 fixed and steerable RF sensors and antennas. It can track and detect space vehicles in the GEO belt with great accuracy (closer than 100m) and in real-time as satellites maneuver frequently. Real-time detection gives the ability to adequately react to spacecraft anomalies or threats to nearby satellites.

Frank Backes, senior VP of Kratos Federal Space said, “There are over 500 operational satellites in GEO. Many governments and commercial organizations rely on Kratos to enhance and augment their awareness of activity in the space domain. Our new India installation is important to expanding regional coverage.”

The Kratos SDA network supplies intelligence across all areas of the SDA mission through a variety of available services, among them signal characterization, interference mitigation, transmitter geolocation and more. Kratos’ satellite communications experts manage the 24/7 network operations center with coverage of L, S, C, X, and Ku bands.

Source: Kratos

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