Kratos demos SATCOM SA

San Diego, CA-based Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. announced on April 26 that it was the first to successfully exhibit an integrated SATCOM capability providing real-time situational awareness (SA) to an operationally secure environment. The demonstration included roaming among different networks to optimize wideband satellite communications (SATCOM) using Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C). EM&C is an effort by the DoD to plan, initiate, monitor and restore rapid, automated access to hybrid satellite constellations and networks, operated by various service providers.

The demonstration was part of a multinational Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) demonstration hosted by U.S. European Command, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, and the Department of the Air Force Chief Architect Office. EM&C capabilities provided by Kratos and its industry partners highlighted a means for providing real-time satellite communication end-to-end connectivity status and operational readiness including spectral data, link and equipment status and detecting/geolocating electromagnetic interference (EMI). The event also highlighted a method to restore satellite service in response to interference and the capability to gather and fuse information from sensors and satellites through the Unified Data Library (UDL). The UDL is a U.S. government owned, cloud-enabled database accessible by the DoD and coalition partners. The capabilities available through EM&C are important as they support real-time warfighter communication across domains in times of war or conflict.

LTC Gary Thompson, Chief, Fighting SATCOM Capability Integration, SMC SATCOM Capability Integrator Office said, “This demonstration of EM&C helped the warfighters better understand the key satellite links used for communication and enabled precision identification, characterization, and troubleshooting of interference along the long-haul communication pathways. In addition, utilization of the UDL allowed the sharing of critical information across the joint forces for timely, fused situational awareness and lethality.”

EM&C is an important strategic goal of the military to effectively operate an integrated SATCOM enterprise by increasing assured SATCOM access for the warfighter with legacy and next-generation terminals. It improves the effectiveness of the DoD’s critical SATCOM infrastructure by enhancing resilience and giving more satellite link choices, reducing resource allocation times and improving bandwidth efficiency. Funding for the recent European demonstration was provided through the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) Broad Agency Announcement, of which Kratos is an award recipient. Kratos’ partnered with Knight Sky, LLC for terminal and Gateway equipment supporting the Flexible Terminal Interface (FTI), and SES Government Solutions (SES GS) to provide SATCOM capacity.

Source: Kratos