Kratos Defense releases new SpectralNet

kratosKratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. of San Diego, CA announced on September 7 the release of SpectralNet 1.2 with Automated Site Diversity functionality, enabling satellite and network operators to locate backup antennas in optimal and cost effective locations and to seamlessly switch between antennas without impacting a network’s Quality of Service (QoS).

SpectralNet digitizes RF signals for packetized transport over IP networks— preserving both frequency and timing characteristics without degradation or loss of data— and uniquely restores the RF signals at their destination, according to the company. Prior to SpectralNet, the transport of RF signals was limited to approximately 75 kilometers, severely constraining satellite ground system architecture by requiring teleports and antennas to be in close proximity. Since SpectralNet digitizes RF signals for transport over IP networks, antenna placement is no longer subject to the distance limitations of traditional RF transport technologies.

Automated site diversity is an enhancement in SpectralNet Release 1.2. When satellite or network operators must switch from one antenna to another for factors such as rain fade, equipment or network failure, or other events that can compromise performance, the switchover can be difficult and potentially cause loss of data in the process. SpectralNet’s Automated Site Diversity application provides seamless switching between geographically dispersed antennas with no effect on downstream services, thereby optimizing antenna utilization, minimizing data loss and maintaining QoS. The Site Diversity application continuously aligns the two RF signals (from the primary and remote antennas) in both time and frequency, compensating for timing changes caused by satellite movement and network changes— all within a few nanoseconds. Set-up and control of the site diversity application is easily accomplished from a single user interface.

David Soderholm, SpectralNet product manager, explains that, “In addition to automated site diversity, SpectralNet Release 1.2 opens up new operational enhancements for network operators. These include mitigation of rain fade, new backup and disaster recovery strategies and ground system centralization just to name a few.”

Source: Kratos Defense