Kratos awarded multimillion dollar ISR subcontract

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions of San Diego, CA announced on March 14 that its subsidiary, RT Logic, was awarded a contract from the prime contractor for two BE-CDL test sets to support CDL interoperability testing. The test sets will ultimately be used to ensure that Joint Warfighting IT capabilities are interoperable and support mission needs.

CDL is a family of data links that provides full duplex, jam resistant, point-to-point digital microwave communications designed to achieve data link interoperability and enable seamless communications among multiple intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) collection systems operated by the armed services and government agencies. Development of BE-CDL-supported radios that are small and light enough to fit on small UAS platforms is crucial to enabling interoperability across ISR platforms. Uniform interoperability testing is a critical step in that development.

According to John Monahan, president of RT Logic, “The BE-CDL test set award was due, in part, to RT Logic’s solid reputation within the CDL community as waveform implementation experts, having consistently demonstrated interoperability in its CDL development.”

Source: Kratos