Kratos awarded $6.2 million contract modification to expand global satellite RF interference monitoring for DoD

kratosKratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. of San Diego, CA announced on October 24 that it received a Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC Space) contract modification to expand RF monitoring, interference detection and geolocation services to now include all Department of Defense (DoD) leased Ku and C-band commercial bandwidth worldwide, and X-band geolocation in select locations. DoD relies on commercial bandwidth to support critical mission needs, including reconnaissance, surveillance and broadband communications between commanders and field units. The contract modification is valued at $6.2 million.

A component of the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), JFCC Space is responsible for executing continuous, integrated space operations to deliver theater and global effects in support of national and combatant command objectives. This includes monitoring and protecting the commercial satellite bandwidth leased by DoD.

Kratos currently provides RF services for the Central Command (CENTCOM) and Pacific Command (PACOM) Areas of Responsibility (AORs). The contract modification expands Kratos’ services to include the four remaining geographic COCOMs: European Command (EUCOM), Northern Command (NORTHCOM), Africa Command (AFRICOM) and Southern Command (SOCOM). In addition to expanding geographic coverage and infrastructure, Kratos will provide event and trend analysis of Space Situational Awareness (SSA) information for contracted DoD leased commercial bandwidth.

Kratos delivers these services from an infrastructure that comprises an extensive global network of RF monitoring and interference detection sensors and geolocation systems serving a broad range of commercial and government clients. To provide the DoD with the increased worldwide coverage, Kratos will significantly expand its current infrastructure. The upgraded configuration will add seven new worldwide monitoring sites, host more than 60 antennas and provide visibility to over 50 satellites, 100 beams and 200 transponders. Additionally, Kratos will add X-band geolocation capability, particularly suited to military requirements, greatly increasing the ability to support geolocation tasking on commercial and military X-band satellites in key areas of the world.

The services are anchored around Kratos’ Monics®, the industry-leading carrier monitoring product and satID®, its highly accurate geolocation system. “Monics uses a high-speed digital signal processing capability that makes carrier measurements against a monitoring plan, so that we are notified whenever there is any change to our customer’s terminals or bandwidth. satID is a highly accurate system where we typically see results within 5km of the interference location,” Greg Caicedo, Kratos’ vice president who oversees the program, explained.

“Our program with JFCC Space is a prime example of the increasingly important concept of government agencies utilizing commercial managed services so uniformed personnel can focus their attention on critical mission-related activities. With commercial services, the power of the market helps to keep costs down for the government. The program also demonstrates the growing interest and potential of closer military-commercial partnerships in all aspects of space operations,” said Phil Carrai, president of Kratos Technology and Training Division.

Source: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.