Kilo Alpha Strategies partners with Cyber Activities Group

On June 27, Kilo Alpha Strategies announced a new partnership with Cyber Activities Group (CAG), a cutting-edge cybersecurity and defense application firm based in the United States and Australia.

It is estimated that cyberattacks and cybercrimes will cost the world more than $8 trillion this year alone. Cyber Activities Group’s propriety tracking, monitoring, and data analytics helps governments and companies degrade malicious actors’ ability to penetrate both public and private critical infrastructure.

“We are honored to be working with CAG to support them in driving innovative solutions to some of the most challenging national security contexts we face in one of the most contested domains. The CAG team continues to disrupt, and Kilo Alpha is thrilled to bring its unique capabilities the U.S. marketplace,” said Ambassador Kelley Currie, a founding partner of Kilo Alpha.

Kilo Alpha Strategies will work with Cyber Activities Group to grow its strategic footprint in the United States to provide integrated and field-tested solutions to confront growing authoritarian regimes that seek to undermine international peace and security, the U.S., and its allies.

“The recent conflicts in Ukraine and Israel have magnified the importance of the ability to limit and degrade an adversary’s cyber abilities, especially in the national security space where the lives of millions are at stake,” said Robert Potter, CEO of Cyber Activities Group. “CAG’s cloaking, network deception, and resilient platforms, give governments and businesses peace of mind to know their most valuable asset, data, is protected. We look forward to working with Kilo Alpha to provide CAG’s tools in the U.S. that have been successful in the field and which uphold the U.S.’s National Cybersecurity Strategy.”

Source: Kilo Alpha Strategies

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