Kensington Office Machines wins DIA contract

kensingtonKensington Office Machines of Silver Spring, MD announced on October 18 that it has been awarded the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) multi year maintenance agreement contract for technical, managerial and qualitative analytical support for their official equipment. Kensington Office Machines will assist DIA to continue evolving and enhance its decision making processes in critical areas such as operations planning and personnel readiness.

Kensington Office Machines is a leading federal contractor for maintenance of government office equipment and IT support, including copier repair services, maintenance and sales in the Washington D.C. region. The DIA, based in Quantico, Virginia, is engaged in intelligence provision on foreign militants and operating environments in order to gain advantage in decision making for preventing or decisively winning wars.

The DIA chose Kensington Office Machines as a specialist in government contracts for IT products and services. The maintenance contract offered by the company is one of the best in the D.C. Metro region, with competitive pricing and experience with federal, state and local government and businesses in Washington D.C. The company will thus help DIA meet its complex and varied global engagement demands with its deep understanding of operational demands and budget constraints present in the military space.

According to Jimmy Fasusi, president of Kensington Office Machines, “Kensington Office Machines is well-equipped for the job given. Our advance technical skills and IT experience are well versed in this arena and our track record of working with Federal agencies to deliver near-term business results is a plus for our organization.”

“It’s an honor for us to bag this prestigious and challenging contract. We are confident of our abilities to carry out the job with our advanced technical skills and IT experience. Our teams carry a deep track record of working for Federal agencies to produce near-term business results,” he said.

Source: Kensington Office Machines