IWRP Consortium to host virtual industry day

On January 19, the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic and Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific announced an Information
Warfare Research Project (IWRP) Consortium Virtual Industry Day to be held, on Monday, 14 February
2022. The event will include a brief from the Director of Prototyping – Information Warfare, NIWC
Pacific, SSTM Rapid Prototyping, Technical Briefs, and one-on-one break-out teleconferences.

Technical briefs presented during the IWRP Consortium Virtual Industry Day will include a
variety of information warfare research technology focus area topics. It is anticipated that the topics
will be the basis of upcoming Requests for Prototype Projects (RPPs) to IWRP Consortium Members. This is not a Request for Prototype Projects, but for planning purposes only. A project will not be
awarded from this announcement. In order to obtain more information regarding the below
projects, you must be a member of the IWRP Consortium. For more information on becoming an
IWRP consortium member, please visit https://www.theiwrp.org.

The purpose of this announcement is to provide members of the IWRP Consortium, and industry in general, advanced notification of Government intent. The Government anticipates eight (8) Requests for Prototype Projects (RPPs) for white papers, enhanced white papers or full proposals to be solicited via N65236-22-9-0001. RPP topics will include a technical brief and one-on-one break-out teleconferences. The RPP topics consist of the following:

  • 22-PAC-01075 5G-Enabled Command & Control (C2) / Situational Awareness (SA) Tool
  • 22-PAC-01076 5G Connected Vehicles/Autonomous Platforms
  • 22-PAC-01077 5G-Networked ISR Sensors
  • 22-PAC-01079 Cloud, Data and Analytics at the Edge: Ships
  • 22-PAC-01078 Data Engineering Pipelines and DataOps
  • 22-PAC-01082 Digital HF Mesh (DHFM) Embarkable System
  • 22-LANT-01053 Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) Cloud Services
  • 22-LANT-01054 United States Marine Corps the Expeditionary Advanced Ground Link (USMC

Review the full IWRP industry day notice.

Source: SAM

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