It’s time for Cyber Quest 2022

On May 12, the U.S. Army posted submission information for Cyber Quest 2022. White papers are due by June 15.

Army Futures Command and the Cyber Center of Excellence invite government, industry, and academia partners to showcase their emerging cyber, electronic warfare, intelligence, and networking technologies at Cyber Quest 2022.  Entering its seventh year, Cyber Quest is an annual event, providing a unique, realistic, operationally based environment in order to inform technical solutions and materiel changes for critical capability gaps facing Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Signal operational forces.  The experiment will drive requirements definition, inform rapid acquisition initiatives and support acquisition risk reduction activities.

Cyber Quest 2022 is conducted in partnership with the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) 2022, at Fort Benning, GA.  This allows technologies and concepts to be assessed from the disadvantaged tactical user at the small unit, to echelons above brigade.


The character of warfare is changing.  Future conflicts will not solely be fought in the physical domain.  The virtual domains of cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) are increasingly becoming decisive battlegrounds for current battles.  The Army is addressing the demands of this increasingly complex battlespace by developing capabilities to compete and win in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

To accelerate its modernization, the Army has instituted four annual Army Live Prototyping Assessments (ALPA): AEWE, Cyber Quest, Maneuver Fires Integration Experiment (MFIX), and Maneuver Support Sustainment Protection Integration Experiment (MSSPIX).  These events provide the platform for government, industry, and academia partners to demonstrate technologies which address MDO aligned capability gaps. Army Futures Command’s (AFC) Cyber Battle Laboratory (CBL) has been tasked to identify those partners interested in demonstrating solutions capable of addressing the Army’s MDO Cyber, Signal, Electronic warfare (EW) and Intelligence capability gaps at Cyber Quest (CQ) 2022.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM