iScan Online introduces industry first Data Breach Analytics

?????????????????Plano, TX-based iScan Online, Inc. announced the worldwide availability of Data Breach Analytics on December 4. This groundbreaking cloud service leverages iScan Online’s unique ability to discover unprotected data at rest and detect vulnerabilities through its highly scalable rapid deployment model.

iScan Online Data Breach Analytics is designed to help identify data breaches before they occur by answering three critical questions for organizations:

  • Where in the world is their unprotected sensitive data? iScan Online discovers unencrypted payment data, personal identifiable information and intellectual property, showing what data is at risk to compromise.
  • How are attackers going to gain access to the data? iScan Online detects the vulnerability posture of servers, laptops and mobile devices storing the discovered data, illustrating how data theft is most likely to occur.
  • What is it going to cost when breached? Through the combined intelligence of discovered data and detection of security threats, iScan Online calculates the overall financial liability exposure based on quantitative analysis of the at risk assets.

The Data Breach Analytics provides prioritization features that allow IT personnel to focus remediation efforts to lower the overall risk of a data breach. Using the Data Breach Analytics prioritization features, IT personnel can quickly determine the following:

  • Which assets represent the greatest financial risk to the organization
  • Which assets contain the most severe vulnerabilities
  • Which assets contain the largest collection of unprotected sensitive data at rest
  • Which users are storing unprotected sensitive data in cloud sharing services

“As data breaches continue to escalate and threats become more complex, iScan Online is enabling CISOs, CFOs and the boardroom to know their financial impact today,” said Billy Austin, president of iScan Online. “The releaseof the new data breach analytics empower organizations to prioritize IT investment resources, remediating threats and sensitive information by dollar value versus historical classification of severities.”

SOURCE iScan Online