Interpres Security announces Advisory Group

On January 10, Interpres Security announced its newly formed Advisory Group. The Interpres Security Advisory Group (ISAG) brings together a seasoned group from the CIA, NSA, DISA, Sourcefire DOD, and other leading cybersecurity practices to address the growing need for the modern CISO and business leaders to shift the security mindset from risk-based modeling to threat-based modeling.

With recent SEC requirements and enforcement actions, the need is even greater for CISOs and their teams to be armed with operationalized evidence-based threat data, that they can use to optimize defenses against the cyber threats that are most likely to target their organization. The inaugural members bring decades of experience to Interpres:

  • Robert Richer, Former Associate Deputy Director for Operations (ADDO) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Tom McDonough, Former COO and President of Sourcefire
  • Timothy Kosiba, CEO at Mountaincrest Consulting, LLC, former Technical Director at NSA’s Tailored Access Operations & US Cyber Command
  • Ed Wilson, founder at Pinnacle Strategic Consulting, LLC; former Commander 24thAir Force & AFCYBER
  • Pete Dinsmore, Former Deputy CTO for Mission Assurance at DISA
  • Shane Shook, Venture Partner at Forgepoint Capital
  • Lou DeSorbo, founder at CIOSO Global, former Chief Risk Officer Centene & CISO Health Net
  • Greg Sullivan, former Global CIO at Carnival Corp.

“Our advisory board members are joining as Interpres enters an exciting period of rapid growth and momentum. Our management team is looking forward to working closely with each of them as we continue to scale the business and address the ever-growing needs of the CISO,” said Nick Lantuh, CEO of Interpres Security. “Each advisor brings a unique perspective to Interpres and is fully aligned with our mission to help organizations right-size their defenses to focus on the threats that matter most to them.”

“No doubt, Interpres is disrupting the threat exposure management market with its threat-informed approach, offering organizations a single source of truth when it comes to continuously monitoring their defensive posture,” said Timothy Kosiba. “With many CISOs and security teams taking the “one size fits all” approach, Interpres can provide the clarity they need to take a smarter approach to defending against today’s most sophisticated adversaries with the tools they already own.”

By analyzing the dynamic relationships between your defensive capabilities, adversarial threats, assets and vulnerabilities and operationalizing threat intelligence into an automated threat fusion cell that informs all aspects of the security ecosystem, Interpres provides the evidence analysts need to focus on the security threats most likely targeting an organization. With continuous threat monitoring, organizations can reduce the amount of time it takes to identify new and emerging threats and quickly take steps to mitigate them before they become major security incidents, moving to a proactive security posture rather than a reactive approach after a threat or vulnerability has impacted the organization.

“The leadership team at Interpres is made up of some of the most innovative minds in cyber today. With over 30 years of experience in bringing innovation out to industry, the DOD, and NSA, the team knows what’s broken in cyber and how to fix it.  Under Nick’s leadership, this team is automating the filling of the gaps and seams in defenses and operationalizing threat intelligence at scale to ensure that companies can be proactive in their defensive readiness.” said Rob Richer.

Source: Interpres

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