In-Q-Tel invests in Fiddler AI

Palo Alto, CA-based Fiddler AI announced on May 6 a partnership with In-Q-Tel in the following statement:

Over the course of Fiddler’s two and a half years, we’ve taken the time and effort to build strong partnerships with stalwarts in the industry who are heavily invested in AI explainability, model monitoring, and fairness. We’ve been fortunate to partner with the likes of Lockheed Martin and Amazon Alexa, and are honored to continue these strategic and innovative partnerships. Today, we’re proud to add two more important names to this list. Over the last few months, we’ve been fortunate to build strong relationships with the team at In-Q-Tel & join a FinRegLab research project. Below are a few notes on these important initiatives. We’re excited and look forward to working with both of these esteemed organizations.

In-Q-Tel & Fiddler

We’re thrilled to announce a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, the not-for-profit strategic investor that accelerates the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to U.S. government agencies.

The need for Explainable AI and Model Monitoring is strong in all sectors of the economy including in government institutions. Based on the critical nature of their work, the need to explain and debug model predictions and analyze model behavior over entire datasets or for subsets of a dataset is essential to the deployment of models and their ultimate success. There is also a need to continuously monitor model performance once they are deployed and identify outliers in data and model predictions to continue to maintain high performance.

“The US Intelligence and Defense communities are increasingly relying on AI/ML in support of national security objectives, but ML models are only effective if they can be understood and trusted over time,” said A.J. Bertone, partner at In-Q-Tel. “Fiddler’s platform efficiently combines both explainable AI and model monitoring in order to ensure that AI/ML systems function reliably and transparently. We are thrilled to partner with Fiddler in helping our government partners better manage and monitor their AI/ML capabilities.”

“Fiddler is the first startup to bring true explainability and continuous monitoring to the enterprise, enabling companies to effectively and responsibly manage their AI solutions at scale. We cannot allow algorithms to operate with a lack of transparency. We need accountability to build trust between humans and AI. Fiddler’s mission is to build trust with AI using a centralized Model Performance Monitoring solution that continuously monitors models and unlocks the AI black box with explainability,” said Krishna Gade, founder and CEO of Fiddler.

Source: Fiddler AI