Immersive Wisdom takes part in ABMS On-Ramp 2 Demo Day

Immersive Wisdom, Inc. of Boca Raton, FL, supported by its implementation partner Entegra Systems Inc, announced on September 8 that it had achieved significant operational success during Air Force ABMS OnRamp #2 for its Air Force program, Project Vanguard.

U.S. Air Force Airman operates Immersive Wisdom in 3D and Virtual Reality in support of the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) Onramp 2, Sept 2, 2020 at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

Project Vanguard, powered by Immersive Wisdom’s software, and driven by the vision of Mr. Cameron Conger, the Technical Director of 363d Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Wing at Air Combat Command, has garnered the praise of Airmen across the entire Air Force over the past year. Project Vanguard has leveraged significant funding from AFWERX and AFRL/SDPE, with operational support from the ACC/DET3 Agile Battle Lab, to develop the next-generation JADC2 and targeting capabilities that shone brightly at ABMS OnRamp #2.

Immersive Wisdom and its teammates achieved the following capabilities, integrated with ABMS’s DataONE and SmartONE:

  • Across FOUR remote distributed locations (Three Air Force, One Navy) on SIPRNet (the customer’s network), Airmen used Immersive Wisdom live in 3D to perform real-time targeting and C2 of the battlespace
  • All physically distributed users were simultaneously present in an Immersive Wisdom 3D virtual geospatial room, complete with live 3D maps, imagery, and real-time track/sensor data from DataONE
  • Immersive Wisdom delivered its platform across desktops, Virtual Reality, and touch tablets, working collaboratively and in real-time, allowing flexibility across all user functions, regardless of location or austerity of environment
  • The platform provided real-time command and control and situational awareness for Agile Combat Employment scenarios, including the use of customer-provided LiDAR data, focusing on the ability to disperse, recover and rapidly resume operations in a contested or austere environment
  • Immersive Wisdom integrated with diverse space, air, maritime, and land-based sensor feeds (DataONE) and multiple AI/ML capabilities (SmartONE), in a purely vendor-agnostic manner, providing the ability to conduct immersive JADC2 throughout the entire exercise
  • AI detections and predictions (via SmartONE) delivered inside Immersive Wisdom aided operators in their decision making
  • High-accuracy 3D geospatial data from Vricon integrated within Immersive Wisdom enabled key precision of action
  • Real-time PLI (Position, Location Information) and video from Ghost Robotics unattended mobile sensors were integrated within the Immersive Wisdom 3D environment for Agile Combat Employment security scenarios
  • Immersive Wisdom’s software – also provided on Apple iPads – allowed multiple users, including ABMS Distinguished Visitors, to see and interact with the 3D virtual geospatial battlespace via an easy-to-use touch interface, simultaneously with VR and desktop users

“As operators and decision makers are even more physically distributed due to our changing world, immersive 3D geospatial collaboration is becoming critical connective tissue for Joint-All Domain Command and Control,” said Mike Appelbaum, CEO of Immersive Wisdom. “At ABMS #2, we proved that we can deliver the power of our platform in real-time on SIPRNet, our customer’s global network.”

Source: Immersive Wisdom