IGAPP, NGA’s innovative applications technology program, launches first app – Vricon Explorer

Engility square 112 Engility Holdings, Inc. of Chantilly, VA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) announced on October 5 the release of the first application, Vricon Explorer, delivered through the Agency’s Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP).

Vricon Explorer allows for user interaction with a 3D data set and is now available for download through the GEOINT App Store, NGA’s application repository.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of the first app developed under this landmark program,” said Joedy Saffel of NGA. “Today’s announcement represents an important milestone for IGAPP and our objective of creating a vital new link between NGA and innovative commercial app vendors. The brokerage system gives these vendors an opportunity to showcase their app development skills and reach a large audience of government agencies.”

IGAPP is managed by TASC, an Engility company, and serves as a trusted broker between commercial vendors and government agencies interested in acquiring applications. Under TASC, IGAPP has reached out to application vendors and found strong interest from many vendors, including Vricon.

Vricon Explorer provides a uniquely accurate glimpse into real-world surroundings using automated 3D technology. The strength of the app lies in its ability to provide line of sight, measure various structures and distances, and obtain 3D situational awareness of mission areas. Currently available for use on Windows devices, Vricon Explorer will be expanding its capability to be available on Android and iOS devices in 2016. The app’s tools and capabilities designed specifically for government and professional users include:

  • 3D coverage–Vricon provides immersive, accurate 3D data for decision makers. By design, globally available data is streamed from high resolution commercial satellite imagery, negating the need for ground control points.
  • Accurate–Provides measureable accuracy based on commercial satellite imagery.
  • Decision-ready–The Vricon 3D data is available as a live Web-Hosted-Service with high resolution and true-color textures covering all sides of structures and terrain.

“We are delighted to be the first vendor to successfully go through the IGAPP program,” said Paul Sartorius, Vice President of Vricon. “IGAPP gave us the support and infrastructure we needed to deploy Vricon Explorer and reach warfighters and others who work in difficult or unknown terrain. They will benefit immediately from high-resolution 3D situational awareness. We look forward to continuing to work with the IGAPP team to incorporate feedback from initial users into future development cycles and capability updates.”

Officially launched in May 2015 by NGA and TASC, IGAPP enables commercial application vendors to rapidly deliver innovative geospatial apps using a streamlined acquisition process. IGAPP reduces contracting and acquisition time from 18 months to approximately 90 days. These apps offer users a wide range of disaster response, air, land, and sea navigation information, as well as mapping and imagery.

“We are very pleased by today’s announcement,” said Tony Smeraglinolo, Engility President and CEO. “Through our IGAPP team, we are adding applications vendors daily. The enthusiasm from developers, combined with the excellent pipeline of apps under development, provides a strong indication that this creative program will remain strong and grow in 2016.”

Source: Engility Holdings, Inc.