iDirect Government secures DIU contract

On May 21, Herndon, VA-based iDirect Government, a leading provider of satellite communications to the U.S. military and government, has won a contract with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to build an operational 5G co-channel interference mitigation solution prototype, leveraging iDirectGov’s leading Communication Signal Interference Removal (CSIR) technology.

The award builds momentum for the recently established iDirectGov Engineering Center of Excellence where iDirectGov specialized engineers work on the most advanced, secure and resilient satellite ground systems and functionality.

iDirectGov’s 5G co-channel solution will mitigate interference for DIU mission partners, providing a critical capability to Department of Defense (DOD) users who experience 5G co-channel interference. This solution is an extension of iDirectGov’s CSIR technology that delivers uninterrupted secure communications on any radio frequency to government users, allowing them to thwart electronic warfare challenges.

“Any signal interference is harmful to defense communications, and our 5G co-channel capability will ensure our customers have the crucial interference mitigation tool that helps them with communications resiliency,” said Tim Winter, iDirectGov president. “Our high-performance, scalable and resilient product portfolio and enhancements bring flexibility, agility, transmission security and efficiency to warfighters.”

Since its beginnings in 2007, iDirectGov has supported the DOD and other agencies, solving their communications challenges with effective and exceptional delivery.

Source: iDirectGov

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