IARPA extends End-Gen Waveforms RFI

On June 20, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) posted a request for information (RFI) for Endless Generative (End-Gen) Waveforms. Responses are now due by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on June 28.

IARPA seeks information regarding methodologies capable of arbitrary generation of communication waveforms in a wide variety of propagation media. Point-to-point communications are at the heart of innumerable mission spaces spanning a host of different objectives. At present, most communications channels make use of fixed waveforms designed to meet the demands of the “average” propagation media and the available communication equipment. The static nature of these waveforms can be disadvantageous to the stability of the communication channel given spatial-temporal variations in the propagation media. Therefore, communications frameworks that can generate on-demand waveforms are especially attractive when the current time and cost of developing new waveforms (1), to meet fluid mission needs, is prohibitively high.

This RFI seeks methodologies that, when coupled with appropriate communications hardware, show the potential to achieve on-demand waveforms that meet the required human objectives and limitations of the propagation medium. Such an approach could result in endless generative (End-Gen) waveforms that automatically optimize the communications channel without the constraints of human-generated communications protocols. End-Gen nodes, therefore, will contain frameworks which produce generative waveforms that satisfy any generic mission objective function.

End-Gen nodes that create End-Gen waveforms are of keen interest as they allow for the rapid deployment of waveforms to match the real-time change in mission needs. Specifically, IARPA is interested in demonstrating three parts of any End-Gen paradigm: 1) the processing framework needed to generate meaningful communications links, 2) the hardware SWaP (size, weight, and power) required to run the framework, and 3) the sensors/transducers needed to couple framework outputs to the propagation medium.

Review the End-Gen Waveforms RFI.

Source: SAM

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