IARPA announces release of ACCENT to research community

iarpa-circle-112The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, announced on November 8 the public release of the Accurate Events from Natural Text technology. IARPA funded the public release of the ACCENT software to spur increased activity in the research community.

ACCENT is a state-of-the-art automated event coder capable of identifying nearly 300 types of socio-political events in text (news articles, blog posts, etc.). ACCENT was developed by Raytheon BBN under multiple government contracts.

ACCENT is based on the Statistical Entity and Relation Information Finding technology developed under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funding. Under the Office of Naval Research’s Worldwide Integrated Crisis Early Warning System program, ACCENT more than doubled the accuracy of the previously deployed solution and is now in regular use at U.S. Strategic Command in support of systems monitoring and forecasting national and international crises. IARPA funded further improvements of ACCENT under the Solutions for Event Coding seedling.

 Source: IARPA