Hughes launches industry’s fastest high-throughput satellite (HTS) service for enterprises and government

Hughes Network Systems, LLC continued to expand its network offerings for large businesses and government by adding the world’s fastest high-throughput satellite (HTS) offering to the HughesON line of managed services, the Germantown, MD-based company announced March 7.

Businesses continue to demand ever greater network reliability and capacity for their branch locations as they transform their business operations to improve efficiency and customer experience. The Hughes HTS service is the ideal solution for branch sites challenged with inadequate wireline broadband options. It offers service plans up to 50 Mbps/5 Mbps and a range of high-usage data allowances. In many locations across the U.S., DSL is not able to offer the speeds or reliability required for today’s enterprise networks. Moreover, even where wireline broadband options exist, cost-effective, path-diverse high speed back up is difficult to achieve, even with LTE services. Whether the enterprise is looking for high-performance primary connectivity for their branch sites or seeking to back up their Ethernet access, Hughes HTS delivers high-performance, cost-effective solutions.

Hughes HTS will be a key component of the HughesON range of managed services for large distributed organizations. HughesON delivers industry leading network security options and includes the Hughes ActiveTechnologies™ performance optimization suite that provides greater throughput, end-to-end QoS, and automated traffic shaping to deliver an enterprise-grade network, all backed by end-to-end service management.

“Hughes HTS opens up a host of new services and capabilities to organizations that have been hamstrung by sluggish connectivity, bringing true broadband to every location across the nation with industry leading speeds and performance,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, North America, Hughes. “HughesON continues to lead the industry with innovative enterprise solutions, and this launch continues to demonstrate Hughes’ commitment to new solutions that can help our business customers improve their operational efficiency. The Hughes HTS service will evolve to serve enterprise customers even better through integration with our recently announced managed SD-WAN solution.”

The Hughes HTS service leverages the newly launched EchoStar XIX satellite, the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite. EchoStar XIX employs 138 spot beams across the continental U.S. and parts of Alaska, Canada and Central America. When combined with the latest Hughes JUPITER™ System, it creates the world’s largest and fastest satellite broadband system ever deployed.

Source: Hughes