Highlight unveils EdgeWerx innovation lab

On February 20, Highlight announced the launch of its new innovation lab – EdgeWerx – dedicated to conducting research and development projects aimed at solving problems and creating groundbreaking solutions. EdgeWerx will focus on empowering warfighters, civil servants, and citizens with an edge to excel in their respective sectors.

“For the past 15 years, Highlight has provided custom technical solutions to our customers,” said Highlight CEO Aarish Gokaldas, “and the establishment of EdgeWerx renews our commitment to not only develop robust solutions for our clients but also extend those solutions to serve the greater government.”

The foundation for EdgeWerx draws from Highlight’s expertise in working side-by-side with government stakeholders to inform the best solutions. This tight collaboration has yielded impactful solutions to advance their missions and deliver even more exceptional products and services.

EdgeWerx provides streamlined, cost-effective ways for Highlight to solve complex problems. Our partnerships apply open source, infrastructure as code, artificial general intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies and techniques to mature ideas into demonstrable software solutions.

“EdgeWerx fosters an invigorating collaborative climate where our gifted experts can try out their concepts and construct pioneering solutions for our existing and future clients at the edge of innovation. I look forward to helping enable and steer innovation for our clientele and workforce, with the capacity to push the boundaries of innovative and fascinating solutions.” said James ‘Jim’ Eselgroth, Highlight’s director of technology and innovation.

Source: Highlight

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