GTSC hosts upcoming events on ODNI & the IC community technology opportunities

GTSCIndustry Communication Day:  ODNI & the IC Community Technology Opportunities 

PART I:  January 28, 2016: Technology Opportunities in the IC Community

Briefing with Dr. David Honey, Director, S&T, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

PART II:  March 2016:  Smashing the Box event – presentations

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) will host an industry communication day for companies interested in understanding the ODNI and IC community technology needs.  Dr. David Honey will discuss the S&T’s Strategic Plan and distribute the specific unclassified requirements built on that plan.  Areas of interest include:  social analysis, cyber, economic espionage, counterintelligence, insider threat, hard target access, protect our capabilities, automated processing capabilities, human cognition, analytics tools, and human language technology.

This brief is part of a larger initiative to assist the IC Community forage for new ideas and technologies related to specific challenges.  GTSC is accepting applications for a March 2016 Smashing the Box Event with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Intelligence Community (IC) focused on technologies, ideas, and products to “manage risk and ensure intelligence advantage” over our adversaries.  This series of presentations will feature in-person briefs from companies selected from the applicants, and ALL applicants will be included in an abstract compiled and distributed to our partner agencies.  Applicants are asked to submit a nonproprietary, unclassified, proposal that tells us why we should pick their innovation and how it assists with the mission sets available here.

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Source: Government Technology & Services Coalition

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