GSA posts RFI for JACOB support

GSAOn June 22, the General Services Administration posted a request for information for the JACOB requirement. Your response must be provided no later than 8:00 AM Mountain Time on July 11, 2016.

The General Services Administration (GSA) is considering a new requirement to support the identified software applications are continually maintained for appropriate security posture and technology upgrades, and improved to enhance the analysts’ work environment.  This requirement specifically  is to support the National Ground Intelligence Center ( NGIC) Joint Analysis of Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) and Order of Battle (JACOB).

JACOB is made up of several legacy applications that have been incorporated into JACOB and decommissioned (this information is provided as BACKGROUND only): OGRE, OGRE Map, and SymbolMaker. JACOB s designed to provide a mechanism for producing OB data to support DoD and Service-level planning, modeling and simulation, and current assessments. The mapping tools within JACOB provides OB analysis and visualization tool for use in creating doctrinal and tactical templates and situational overlays. SymbolMaker is an application that is both stand-alone and incorporated into the JACOB; it allows analysts to build MIL-STD 2525-compliant symbols.

The C3 Networks Program supports the NGIC task for analysis of tactical and operational levels of foreign command and control systems and networks. These functions are also incorporated into JACOB and are provided as BACKGROUND information only.  The C3Net application provides visualization of C3 Networks in a web environment. The NGIC System Parametric Information Relational Intelligence Tool (SPIRIT) is the core NGIC database and analytical tool supporting ground systems analysts with characteristics and performance (C&P) data of known weapon systems, medical systems, and other systems of interest. The SPIRIT application provides immediate on-line access to critical information for a varied NGIC customer set.  This task order is not intended to support the SPIRIT application as a separate application, merely to ensure there is a method within JACOB to continue to house some data from the wholly separate SPIRIT application as it relates to the C3Net module within JACOB.

Objective. The support contract shall ensure that mission software applications are maintained to enable current and future NGIC Intelligence Production and Science and Technical Intelligence (S&TI) requirements, and achieve/maintain system certification and accreditation for all JACOB.  The support contract may also be used to re-platform JACOB into future architectures, such as the Cloud, at the designation of the Command.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps