GDMS unveils new comms encryption tech

General Dynamics Mission Systems will introduce a new TACLANE encryptor product line to meet the exponential growth of data requiring protection as it traverses across the network, from enterprise to the tactical edge. The TACLANE E-Series will support the low latency, security and performance requirements of high speed (20 Gb+) Layer 2 network backbones and mission applications that address data center and campus interoperability, cloud and Big Data processing, the Fairfax, VA-based company announced February 28.

The first Ethernet Data Encryption (EDE) compliant product in the E-Series will be the TACLANE-ES10 (KG-185A). Ruggedized to withstand harsh environments, it will support network data rates of up to 20 Gb/s aggregate throughput, and manageable by the GEM One encryptor management software.

“As the provider of the most widely deployed high assurance encryptors in the world, our customers depend on General Dynamics to develop, support and continuously enhance our product lines to meet their needs, and we’ve done just that with the planned introduction of the TACLANE E-Series line,” said Brian Morrison, vice president of the Cyber Systems line of business for General Dynamics Mission Systems. “With TACLANE-Nano IP, we brought Type 1 encryption to the tactical edge. With the TACLANE-ES10, we are now addressing the much needed capability for high speed, high performance encryption to secure the enterprise backbone networks, extending our proven security to wherever data travels.”

Source: General Dynamics