GDIT unveils Digital Engineering Accelerator

On April 23, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a business unit of General Dynamics, announced the launch of its Ember Digital Engineering Accelerator.

Ember leverages innovative modeling and simulation capabilities to support the development and testing of complex government systems – from weapons systems to enterprise IT networks – before any production begins. This approach results in lower costs, reduced risks, and greater speed throughout the life of a project.

“Agencies need the ability to model systems with precision, simulate outcomes accurately, and adapt swiftly to changing requirements,” said Ben Gianni, GDIT’s chief technology officer. “With GDIT’s Digital Engineering Accelerator, agencies can visualize their systems in unprecedented detail and ensure those systems are built to adapt and perform amidst evolving challenges.”

GDIT is already leveraging its digital engineering capabilities for crucial defense initiatives, including a critical weapons system for the U.S. Air Force and a digital infrastructure for the U.S. Space Force that facilitates government and industry partner collaboration. In addition to military applications, GDIT will leverage Ember to support other projects across its enterprise, including healthcare analytics, smart cities and cybersecurity.

The Digital Engineering Accelerator is the ninth in a portfolio of solutions launched by GDIT to advance government missions rapidly, cost-effectively and at scale. Last year, the company unveiled a new technology investment strategy that included investments in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G and post-quantum cryptography. These Digital Accelerators are integrated commercial technologies that have been cyber-hardened and are customizable for agency-specific missions. GDIT won more than $2 billion in contracts in 2023 leveraging these new solutions.

Source: GDIT

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