Forcepoint Federal becomes Everfox

On January 30, Herndon, VA-based Forcepoint Federal announced that it has rebranded as Everfox to reflect its next chapter as a trailblazer in developing and delivering defense-grade cybersecurity technology, the company said. Under the new name and brand identity, Everfox will build on Forcepoint Federal’s 25-year heritage of innovation and unwavering dedication to its customers and the critical missions they serve.

“Everfox will continue to protect government, critical infrastructure and regulated industries against the most complex cyber challenges across the globe,” said Sean Berg, CEO, Everfox. “We’re accelerating investment across our industry-leading solutions in cross domain, cyber threat protection and insider risk technologies; deepening our relationships with our customers and partners; and expanding our capabilities to protect even more of what matters most around the world. We are entering 2024 with tremendous momentum, welcoming several new additions to our leadership team, beginning an exciting partnership with Microsoft, and celebrating two industry award wins for our Zero Trust CDR solution – and we’re just getting started.”

Under Berg’s leadership, Everfox has made several additions to its leadership team, including newly appointed Chief Financial Officer Trish Haney, Chief Revenue Officer Shaun Bierweiler, Chief Human Resources Officer Karen Clark, Chief Legal Officer James Wallace, and Chief Information Security Officer Joseph Bell.

With its recently announced partnership with Microsoft, Everfox will integrate its industry-leading cross domain solution technology into Azure’s cloud services offering for the U.S. government. Through this partnership, Everfox and Microsoft will develop and deploy new cloud offerings for federal agencies that deliver on-demand, multi-level cloud desktop services.

Everfox’s Zero Trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution was recently named Cyber Defense Magazine’s “Most Innovative Content Disarm and Reconstruction solution” for its Top InfoSec Innovator award, and “Best Zero Trust Cyber Solution” for American Security Today’s 2023 ASTORS awards, reflecting Everfox’s legacy of innovation and capabilities that defend against the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Source: Everfox

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