FBI posts BAA for HIG interview and interrogation research

FBI logo 112On March 13, the Federal Bureau of Investigation posted a broad agency announcement (BAA) for intelligence interviewing and interrogation research in support of the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group’s mission (BAA-201520). Interested vendors should note that phase 1 proposals are due no later than 3:00pm EDT on April 27.

 This is the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) Laboratory Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) BAA-201520 for the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.102(d)(2)(i) to provide for the competitive selection of research proposals for behavioral science research to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation. This is an unrestricted solicitation. The NAICS Code for this acquisition is 541720 and the small business size standard is $20.5 million. Contracts based on responses to this BAA are considered to be the result of full and open competition and in full compliance with the provisions of 41 CFR “The Competition in Contracting Act of 1984.” (FAR website is https://acquisition.gov/far). The FBI anticipates making, but is not obligated to make, multiple awards under this BAA. The amount of resources made available under this BAA will depend on the quality of the proposals received and the availability of funds. FAR Part 35 restricts the use of BAAs to the acquisition of basic and applied research and that portion of advanced technology development not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement. Contracts and grants and other assistance agreements made under BAAs are for scientific study and experimentation directed towards advancing the state of the art and increasing knowledge or understanding.

Chartered by the National Security Council, the mission of the HIG is to deploy the nation’s best available interrogation resources against detainees identified as having information regarding terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies. In order to accomplish its mission, the HIG is tasked “to study and evaluate whether the interrogation practices and techniques in Army Field Manual 2-22.3, when employed by departments and agencies outside the military, provide an appropriate means of acquiring the intelligence necessary to protect the Nation and, if warranted, to recommend any additional or different guidance for other departments or agencies” (Executive Order 13491). In order to support this requirement, the HIG will conduct research in intelligence interviewing and interrogations. To support this acquisition of information necessary to develop these best practices, the HIG needs to collect and analyze available research on intelligence interviewing and interrogations. In order to maximize its limited resources, the HIG is seeking contract support for these research activities.

The purpose of research supported by the HIG is to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation. Offerors will not conduct research for the HIG in HIG facilities. The HIG has defined several areas for long-range study and advisory support. These research areas include but are not limited to: · Laboratory or field studies of the impacts of interpersonal processes (e.g., social influence, persuasion, negotiation, conflict resolution and management) on interrogations, interviewing, or debriefing, as these vary by culture, language and ethnicity. · Field validation studies of the use of science-based methods of interrogation, interviewing, or debriefing. Topics considered out of scope for this BAA that will not be considered for funding include: · Development of technologies for credibility assessment or other performance support aids · Methods relying exclusively on case studies · Surveys or interviews with subject matter experts · Literature reviews · Language training

The full BAA and additional information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps