Esri and Leidos partner to modernize intelligence data production

Esri, based in Redlands, CA, and Reston, VA-based Leidos announced on June 6 they have built and deployed a new cloud-based system that provides capabilities for generating authoritative geographic data at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). This new system uses the latest geographic information system (GIS) technology to improve data management and dissemination, providing more rapid delivery of content to the intelligence and Department of Defense communities. This system is the first of its kind to provide core foundational data via a secure cloud and has cut data delivery times for some datasets from months to under one day.

As part of this most recent engagement, Esri and Leidos are enabling NGA to dramatically cut the time to produce and deliver authoritative data to its customers. Using the Esri platform, NGA analysts now have modern tools and workflows that accelerate feature extraction and maintenance. Combining these new tools and processes with an architecture that immediately exposes content via ready-to-use web maps and feature content services compresses the timeline between data production and intelligence mission use.

“Foundation GEOINT Modernization (FGMod) employs agile development with maximum analyst participation to rapidly develop and deploy mission-critical capabilities to our analysts,” said Kevin Hope, director, Foundation GEOINT Group. “It leverages NGA investments in cloud and proven commercial technology baselines. Through our partnership with Leidos and Esri, we are transforming and modernizing the IT baseline for Foundation GEOINT.”

NGA provides world-class geographic intelligence information to agencies worldwide. This information includes data for aviation, topography, maritime, streets, and boundaries that create the foundation for safe and successful mission planning. NGA is the first in the intelligence community to modernize traditional foundation data production and provide this information over a secure cloud network.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with Esri to bring the best science-based solutions to customers like NGA,” said Keith Johnson, Defense & Intelligence Solutions CTO, Leidos. “This collaboration will make it possible for agencies to have more timely and efficient access to data, ensuring they have the most accurate information possible.”

Esri works with Leidos to implement leading mapping and analytics technology in the intelligence and homeland security markets. This innovative data production and delivery solution is the next evolution in providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to the organizations that need it.

“Leidos has transformed the way geospatial intelligence data is delivered, using Esri’s platform,” said Jeff Peters, Esri head of global business development, national government. “The implementation marks a major step in the modernization and sharing of government-produced data. It recognizes the importance of consolidating accurate foundational content with derived analytical content to facilitate safer mission execution and response.”

Source: Esri