Equitus launches national defense-focused subsidiary

On November 15, Clearwater, FL-based Equitus Corporation announced that it has launched Equitus National Security Group (NSG) and named Ronald Corsetti president. Corsetti brings to this role both military and commercial innovation leadership experience.

Equitus Corporation originally designed its advanced graph data analytics intelligence platform to serve the defense industry. In response to growing demand while also maintaining its mission focus on U.S. national security, Equitus created Equitus National Security Group, comprised of key military veterans and scientists from within Equitus’ ranks. The NSG focus will serve U.S. national security organizations, while Equitus Corporation and its other subsidiaries will better address divergent commercial uses of the platform.

Corsetti is poised to lead NSG to offer unparalleled service and solutions specific to the challenges of defense. He has led high performance teams as a chief executive in both commercial and military enterprises. Most recently, Corsetti led the strategy for Collins Aerospace applied research and technology. As a U.S. Army colonel, Corsetti influenced U.S. Army modernization as a key leader in the largest restructuring of the Army since the Vietnam War. He is well-known in the army and DOD modernization arena. Corsetti has degrees from Boston University, Tufts University, National Intelligence University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Our clients want customizable solutions that give them trusted insight from the data they own and all external sources they use. Equitus NSG delivers all of that,” said Corsetti.

NSG solutions are uniquely able to extract inferences and correlations at scale and speed from spatiotemporal and natural language data in both cloud-native and containerized intelligence solutions.  The novel Equitus analytics data fabric treats data provenance, security, and knowledge graph relationships all equally within its computational hierarchy, making possible customized analytics workflows and calculations that are otherwise infeasible in legacy intelligence platforms.  Its Open-standard nature, and Open-Architecture design makes it highly desirable to national security organizations seeking a unifying data fabric while maintaining full data sovereignty with the ability to use/reuse original and analyzed data when and where they wish

“It was a difficult decision for me to turn over leadership of our defense focused business, as it is the one I feel is the most important to the Equitus ethos, Born from Combat, not Silicon Valley,” said Robert Guidry, Founder and CEO of NSG’s parent company, Equitus Corporation.  “But with our attention being drawn into so many new commercial verticals, I felt that NSG needed to be created in order to keep our primary focus on developing and delivering high-tech defense solutions that will never be sold to our adversaries. Once that decision was made, Ron Corsetti was the obvious and only choice to lead this team. He embodies everything we value at Equitus. And in my own experience serving with him in the military, he is a true innovation leader,” Guidry added.

Source: Equitus

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