Elecnor Deimos launches Spain’s first ultra-high-resolution satellite


Elecnor Deimos, the technology unit of the Elecnor Group, launched Spain’s first ultra-high resolution satellite, DEIMOS-2, into orbit on June 19 from the Yasny launch base in Russia.

This panchromatic and multi-spectral satellite, which weighs 300 kilograms and measures 1.5 x 2 meters, incorporates a camera that achieves high precision and detailed images of Earth, with a resolution of 75 cm per pixel and a capacity of 150,000 km2/day with bands in RGB, NIR and panchromatic.

The satellite is expected to have an operational lifetime of seven years, participating in projects in the fields of intelligence, defense, border control, as well as agriculture, environment, climate change, crisis control and civil protection from fires and floods.

With regard to the integration and control of the mission, Elecnor Deimos has developed the Puertollano Satellite Integration and Operations Centre (Ciudad Real), a complex for integrating and managing its own and third-party satellites. Equipped with the latest technology, it has engineering areas; a 400-square-metrer+ clean room, for satellite integration and testing; a dual S-band/X-band antenna with a diameter of 10.2 meters to communicate with the satellites, and a control center.

This project completes Elecnor Deimos’ presence in the entire value chain for space missions. Elenor Deimos has the capability to manage entire space programs: design, integrate, validate, launch and operate Earth observation satellites; use them for commercial purposes; and develop them for third parties.