Dtex awarded DISA contract to provide credential misuse detection services

Dtex Systems of San Jose, CA announced on September 27 it was awarded a two-year contract to provide insider threat detection and to identify credential misuse for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Under the terms of the contract, Dtex will provide endpoint monitoring and behavioral analytics through its Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform, which will be integrated within DISA’s Cyber Situation Awareness Analytics Capabilities (CSAAC) on its Big Data Platform (BDP). The solution will automate the detection of lateral movement, flag unusual use of legitimate credentials, alert of situations of multiple, simultaneous login attempts and can be deployed to the DISA Defense Enterprise Computing Ecosystems (DECE), ships or any mission environment.

“Security breaches and malicious actors are not activities restricted to the private sector. Government agencies and public serving organizations are at the same risk for potentially harmful activity, but often with much more sensitive or critical information,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO, Dtex Systems. “We are honored to serve DISA by providing it with an early warning system that alerts it to inappropriate and risky behaviors taking place.”

The Dtex contract was awarded using the Rapid Innovation Fund, a collaborative vehicle for small businesses to provide the Department of Defense with innovative technologies that can be rapidly inserted into military systems or programs that meet critical national security needs.

Source: Dtex