Don Styer to lead Serco’s new Enterprise Technology Office

On March 1, Herndon, VA-based Serco Inc. announced the promotion of Don Styer, Serco’s director of analytics and technology solutions, to a newly created position, Serco’s enterprise technology officer.

In this vice president role, Styer will oversee and grow a team of technology and innovation experts who will work with existing programs across our business to identify ways Serco can further transform the delivery of services it provides to its customers through the use of digital technologies that increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.  The team will also work closely with business development in developing technology-enabled solutions for bids on complex government programs.

The company’s strength in delivering digital solutions and next-gen technologies, such as intelligent automation, dynamic resource management, cloud engineering, autonomous operations, digital engineering and architecture, and advanced cyber-related solutions has positioned Serco to implement advanced technology services as part of its overall business strategy.

This evolution of delivering technology solutions ramped up when last August, Serco centralized its customer facing technology solutions and capabilities architects into one organization to allow the development, maturing, and cross collaboration.  The company is also mapping out a strategy to partner with small businesses that bring innovation and technology that Serco can help scale up for delivery on larger projects, Serco said.

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