DoD to host data at speed and scale solutions meeting

On January 19, the Immediate Office of the Secretary of Defense issued the Unleashing Data at Speed and Scale Needs Statement. DoD will conduct an Innovation Outreach Solutions Meeting on April 15 and 16. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on February 22.

Information is central to all military functions.  Rapid and reliable access to data is key to maintaining an enduring U.S. advantage in times of peace and crisis.  As the network of data sources and decision-makers grows, as does the urgency to respond to emerging situations, so does the demand for the Department of Defense (DoD) to discover innovative solutions that enable the secure collection, storing, processing, monitoring, analyzing, and communicating of data at speed and scale.

The Innovation & Modernization (I&M) Office, within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (R&E)), will conduct an Innovation Outreach Solutions Meeting on April 15-16, 2024 in McLean, Virginia. This meeting is conducted in close coordination with Joint Staff Intelligence (J2) and the U.S. Army Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force (ISR-TF). The event will focus on discovering leap-ahead technologies for ensuring the DoD realizes the full promise of its data and is positioned to inform operational decision-making at any place and any time.  Additional details on focus areas can be found in Section A. Technical Description.

The Innovation Outreach Solutions Meeting provides a forum for selected technology developers to make brief technical presentations and engage with DoD and U.S. interagency representatives about their potential solutions.  The submission process, detailed below, only requires basic developer information and 100 words or less about their proposed solution to be considered for participation. Results of the Innovation Outreach Solutions Meeting inform Government decision-makers and promotes a collaborative ecosystem that accelerates the development and transition of promising innovative technologies.

Solutions Meetings provide a forum for connecting technology developers with the DoD and U.S. Government stakeholders to accelerate the discovery, development, and transition of innovative solutions for operational challenges.  Invited developers each provide an unclassified 25-minute technical brief (including Q&A) on their solution to attending U.S. Government stakeholders and invited industry peers. Briefs may not include proprietary information in order to foster open discussions.  Solutions Meetings also schedule opportunities for breakout discussions for further promoting collaboration between attendees.

Review the data at speed and scale solutions meeting information.

Source: SAM

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