DoD seeks intelligence tech for Vanguard 2024 event

On January 3, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) issued a request for information for Vanguard 2024. Responses are due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern on February 1.

The U.S. Army Intelligence Center (USAICoE), in partnership with Army Futures Command (AFC) through the Intelligence Capability Development Integration Directorate (I-CDID) and its Intelligence Battle Lab (IBL), will conduct persistent experimentation through a recurring event executed in collaboration with Army, Joint, Department of Defense (DoD), Multi-National, Industry, Academia, and other mission stakeholders to advance Army Intelligence and Electromagnetic Warfare (I&EW) modernization objectives, while shaping and incorporating future concepts, formations, and emerging technologies.

Future warfare portends a hyperactive, interactively complex battlefield characterized by robotics and autonomous systems, loitering intelligent munitions, semi-autonomous entities, short-range point defenses, AI/ML-enabled capabilities, distributed Soldier-Machine Teams, and self-organizing intelligence networks.  To survive a complex, contested, congested, and transparent battlefield, friendly and enemy forces will continuously reorganize as self-composable edge organizations.

As seen in past and current conflicts, forces adapt tactics, techniques, and procedures at a rate that will challenge the ability to forecast and confirm enemy courses of action, ability to operate in a contested electromagnetic environment, and ability to delivery both kinetic and non-kinetic effects at the timing and tempo of the fight.  Vanguard 24 and persistent experimentation are designed to develop and address learning demands aligned to modernization and transformation requirements within the I&EW disciplines, as well as seamlessly integrate into the new warfighting concepts and increase the Army’s capabilities, survivability, and lethality.

Interested parties with the ability to prototype and demonstrate emerging I&EW, robotic, and data processing capabilities that answer the below technology focus areas should submit a Whitepaper not to exceed 10 pages in length, and technology specification sheet in the attached format.  In addition, interested parties are required to submit a one-page power point technology quad chart depicting an image of the capability, capability description, and point of contact.  A template will be provided in the enclosures. The selected technologies will be integrated and presented to the Government during the Vanguard 2024 experimentation event from 08-21 September 2024.

Review the Vanguard 2024 RFI.

Source: SAM

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