DoD issues sources sought for IC org server support

On January 9, the Department of Defense issued a sources sought notice for Operation, Sustainment and Enhancement of the Global Force Management Defense Intelligence Organizational Server. Responses  are due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern on January 31.

Washington Headquarters Services / Acquisition Directorate (WHS/AD, Agency) is issuing this Sources Sought Notice (SSN) on behalf of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSD(I&S)). WHS/AD is performing market research to determine the availability, interest, and capability of potential firms to provide services as outlined in the Draft PWS. WHS/AD is issuing this notice to obtain information for the purpose of determining an appropriate acquisition strategy for this requirement.

The Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 required the Secretary of Defense to implement a comprehensive readiness system capable of accurately and objectively measuring readiness to support execution of the National Security Strategy (NSS), National Military Strategy (NMS) and Title 10 responsibilities. This system must be able to measure readiness in a timely manner to ensure responsiveness to support National Command Authority (NCA) review of crucial national security issues. The Services, in turn, need readiness reporting systems able to generate current readiness data in “Mission Essential Task-like categories,” including aggregated readiness data “rolled up” from the unit level into groups of Service assets relevant to COCOMs.

The Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM DI) provides a common format for representing force structure authorizations and manning across DoD personnel, readiness, planning and finance systems. It also uniquely identifies authorized billets/positions, crews, equipment authorization, and chain of command links which enable integration of data from disparate sources.

The objective of this PWS is to operate, sustain, and enhance a Global Force Management Defense Intelligence Organizational Server (GFM DIOS), which will serve as the Defense Intelligence component of GFM DI. The DIOS is one of up to seven GFM DI Organizational Servers that will provide an Authoritative Data Source (ADS) for force structure authorization data to authorized users across the DoD Enterprise. At FOC, it will enable force structure and personnel data across domains and systems to be accessible, understandable, and usable by all systems and users with appropriate permissions.

The GFM DI OFSC is essential to support DoD force management requirements as they pertain to supporting the National Military Strategy (NMS) and the National Security Strategy (NSS). This support is guided by the National Defense Strategy, which translates the National Security Strategy into broad guidance for military activities and force structure. OFSC is also essential to support Adaptive Planning and the Global Force Laydown, both of which are predicated on having visibility of the entire DoD force and continually assessing the ability of the force to meet specific plan requirements specified in the Unified Command Plan (UCP).

Review the GFM DI IC organization server sources sought.

Source: SAM

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