DLT Solutions and FinalCode to provide file security solutions to the public sector

FinalCodeDLT Solutions (DLT), based in Herndon, VA, and FinalCode of San Jose, CA announced a new partnership on August 30 to bring file sharing and collaboration security to the public sector, enabling government agencies to protect shared, sensitive files both inside and outside their organizations.

“FinalCode’s file collaboration security technology complements DLT’s data security portfolio to extend protection and control data leaks,” said Jeremy Young, VP of cybersecurity for DLT. “FinalCode’s expertise in persistent file security, combined with DLT’s 25 years of experience solving government IT challenges, offers agencies an innovative solution to keep critical files secure.”

The file-centric Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution includes strong encryption, granular usage controls, traceability and remote deletion, so that agencies can protect themselves against data loss, as well as fortify file collaboration security between different agencies and the private sector.

“File sharing is pervasive and exposes organizations to new data leakage risks. FinalCode provides the means to secure file sharing in a way that preserves diverse collaboration requirements, infrastructures and workflows,” said Scott Gordon, chief operating officer at FinalCode. “We are excited to be working with DLT Solutions, which has the trust, relationships and reputation for bringing proven cybersecurity technologies to the federal market.”

FinalCode file security platform is agnostic to an organization’s existing file storage, transport and collaboration infrastructure, which when combined with its integration toolkit, allows for rapid deployment and interoperability. The platform employs FinalCode’s standards-based cryptographic module which is currently in process for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Source: Final Code